ACI Concrete Quality Technical Manager Certification

ACI Concrete Quality Technical Manager Certification

Concrete Quality Technical Manager is an individual who has demonstrated the knowledge and experience necessary to supervise an effective concrete quality control/quality assurance program and perform duties on behalf of the Architect/Engineer in technical matters pertaining to the concrete used in a project.

Course perquisites

Certification Requirements:
For Concrete Quality Technical Manager, ACI will grant certification only to those applicants who:

  1. Obtain a passing grade on the ACI written examination, and
  2. Obtain a passing grade on the ACI practical application examination, and
  3. Have passed at one time the written examinations for:
    • ACI Concrete Field Testing Technician – Grade I, and
    • ACI Concrete Strength Testing Technician, and
    • ACI Concrete Flatwork Associate or Advanced Concrete Flatwork Finisher, and
  4. Possess at least one of the following qualifications:
    • Professional Engineer and 3 years applicable experience, or
    • Bachelor of Science in Engineering, Math, Physics, or Construction Management and 4 years applicable experience, or
    • Associates Degree in Engineering, Math, Physics, or Construction Management and 5 years applicable experience, or
    • 6 years applicable experience.

Course Contents

  • ACI 117 – Specification for Tolerances for Concrete Construction and Materials
  • ACI 121R – Guide for Concrete Construction Quality Assurance Systems in Conformance with ISO
  • 9001
  • ACI 201.2R – Guide to Durable Concrete
  • ACI 211.1 – Standard Practice for Proportions for Normal, Heavyweight, and Mass Concrete
  • ACI 211.3R – Guide for Selecting Proportions for No-Slump Concrete
  • ACI 211.4R – Guide for Selecting Proportions for High-Strength Concrete Using Portland Cement
  • and Other Cementitious Materials
  • ACI 211.5R – Guide for Submittal of Concrete Proportions
  • ACI 212.3R – Report on Chemical Admixtures for Concrete
  • ACI 213R – Guide for Structural Lightweight-Aggregate Concrete
  • ACI 214 – Guide to Evaluation of Strength Test Results of Concrete
  • ACI 214.4R – Guide for Obtaining Cores and Interpreting Compressive Strength Results
  • ACI 221R – Guide for Use of Normal Weight and Heavyweight Aggregates in Concrete
  • ACI 225R – Guide to the Selection and Use of Hydraulic Cements
  • ACI 229R – Report on Controlled Low-Strength Materials
  • ACI 232.2R – Use of Fly Ash in Concrete
  • ACI 233R – Slag Cement in Concrete and Mortar
  • ACI 234R – Guide for the Use of Silica Fume in Concrete
  • ACI 237R – Self-Consolidating Concrete
  • ACI 301 – Specifications for Structural Concrete
  • ACI 318 – Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete
  • ACI 522R – Report on Pervious Concrete

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